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Protect valuable revenue streams & maintain user trust with state-of-the-art app security

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The Problem

Mobile gaming and entertainment apps are popular ways to relax and find a competitive outlet. These apps also provide their makers with valuable revenue streams. 

In fact, with 45% of total gaming market share, mobile apps are the #1 platform for games today. 

But many mobile gaming and entertainment apps are not sufficiently secured and are at risk for security breaches and financial losses.

Fraudsters, hackers, and cheaters can:

  • Build & distribute tweaks
  • Steal financial credentials
  • Cheat & make it easier for others to cheat
  • Subvert in-app revenue streams
  • Access sensitive user information
  • & more

With tens of billions of dollars on the line, apps makers cannot afford to ignore security.


2.4 billion people played mobile games, and
$68.5 billion in revenue was generated by mobile games in 2019.

Source: Visual Capitalist


The Solution: Guardsquare

blue-check Protect valuable revenue streams

Ensure users cannot cheat, create fake apps, divert revenue streams, or otherwise defraud app makers of hard-earned income. Code hardening makes it difficult to take advantage of apps.


blue-check Defend against the most common mobile risks

Reverse engineering and tampering are two of the top 10 most prevalent security risks according to OWASP. Guardsquare’s application shielding technology protects against them.


blue-check Build user trust and loyalty

Seamlessly deploy security best practices to both protect your gaming and entertainment apps and to provide users with a sense of fairness, fun, and trust in your apps

Protect your mobile game app

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Mobile games accounted for a whopping 72% of overall mobile app spending in 2020. 

(Source: App Annie)



    How it works:

    Hardening the code at various levels throughout the application protects against static attacks. Multiple layers of obfuscation and encryption make code resistant to both automated and manual analysis. 

    Techniques include obfuscation and encryption, which defend both the app and its valuable data.


    How it works:

    RASP mechanisms monitor the integrity of the apps and their environment in real time. When a threat arises, the apps can terminate the hacker’s session, display security notifications to the developer, and more.

    RASP also ensures communication between the mobile app and server is secure.

Our approach

76% of players say it’s important that games are secured against other players cheating.

(Source: Irdeto)

One approach, three products


  • Code hardening
  • Runtime self-protection
  • Protection of native & cross-platform apps
  • App optimization
  • Unity support
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  • Code hardening
  • Runtime self-protection
  • Protection of native & cross-platform apps
  • iOS app optimization maintained
  • Unity support
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  • Mobile app security console for real-time threat monitoring
  • Get actionable insights
  • Integrate security into the development lifecycle
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