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The majority of mobile apps do not have adequate security built in, leaving them open to:
  • Reverse engineering
  • IP theft
  • Fraudulent app clones
  • Sensitive data loss
  • Reputation damage
  • Legal trouble
  • Financial consequences
Guardsquare offers both static and dynamic mobile app protection to better defend key assets.
✓Integrates transparently into the development process 
✓Adds multiple layers of protection to both Android and iOS applications
✓Effectively hardens apps against both on-device and off-device attacks
Protect your business, your customers, and your reputation with Guardsquare.
The Problem:
Nearly every business today relies on mobile applications. Yet the vast majority do not adequately secure their mobile apps.  See, once downloaded, mobile apps escape app owners’ control. Outside the secure network perimeter, mobile apps become easy targets for hackers. 
The Solution:
Enter Guardsquare. From the makers of ProGuard, Guardsquare integrates transparently and seamlessly into the development process, adding multiple layers of protection to Android and iOS applications. Guardsquare effectively hardens apps against both on-device and off-device attacks.
Why Mobile App Security Matters
Mobile applications can be reverse-engineered using readily available disassemblers and/or decompilers, making it easy for hackers to access and analyze the source code of your applications. 
Then hackers can:
  • Steal intellectual property
  • Clone applications
  • Extract sensitive information
  • Harvest credentials
  • Look for vulnerabilities
  • Add malicious code to apps and repackage them
For businesses who rely on mobile applications, this can result in:
  • Reputation damage
  • Legal trouble
  • Financial consequences
  • & more
How Guardsquare Works
Application shielding is a broad term for the process of making it more difficult for hackers to reverse engineer or modify an app. There are various techniques that can be used for application shielding, including code obfuscation and anti-tampering or runtime mobile application self-protection (RASP). 
Code obfuscation protects mobile applications from reverse engineering and hacking. Application developers must harden the code at various layers. This is the only way to achieve the level of protection necessary to safeguard sensitive data and property in mobile applications.
A robust combination of application shielding techniques, powered by Guardsquare, will deter the vast majority of hackers.