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Unity platform integration

DexGuard for Android and iXGuard for iOS offer built-in features for mobile games developed on the Unity platform, which powers more than half of all new mobile gaming apps
Guardsquare supports mobile games built on Unity with leading-edge security features, ensuring game developers and studios are compensated for their creations while protecting their brand reputation, as well as ensuring end-users experience fair and safe gameplay.
Both iXGuard and DexGuard are easily integrated into the typical mobile gaming app development process without adding technical complexity or impacting performance.

We protect mobile games on Android and iOS

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Guardsquare helps game developers win

Mobile games are a big target for malicious actors.
Risks include:
  • Cheating via exploitation of unprotected code, such as using fake GPS locations to score in-game treasure or modifying game parameters to allow players to jump higher or run faster without earning those skills
  • Cloning games to play without paying the makers and distributing or selling to others
  • Overriding in-app license checks to get upgrades and features for free


Mobile app developers face major loss of revenue if hackers are able to successfully disrupt or hijack monetary exchanges.


In addition to the risk of lost revenue, fairness is paramount in games, where players expect to compete on a level playing field. If hackers compromise a game’s fairness, users may lose trust in the game and/or the game’s maker. In fact, 77% of players say they will stop playing if they think competitors are cheating.

Guardsquare: Secure game development made easy

Guardsquare’s Unity support in DexGuard and iXGuard extends state-of-the-art security features to mobile games, without negative impacts on development processes or end-user experience.
  • Integrates transparently in the Android & iOS build processes without requiring changes to source code
  • Offers extensive customization options to enable teams to adapt the applied protection to unique security and performance requirements
  • Fully compatible with all common build tools and development environments (Gradle, Android Studio, Ant, Eclipse, Maven and custom builds)

Unity support

Key features of Guardsquare’s Unity support include:
Code hardening:
Obfuscates code to prevent hackers from reverse-engineering games and gaining insight into their internal logic. This feature includes protection for Unity metadata, which helps to prevent the leakage of critical app data, which could be used to reverse-engineer and modify a game. 
Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP):
monitors the integrity of the application and of the environment in which it is running in real-time, and automatically responds to different threats without impacting game performance.

Unity fast facts

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